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Pit bull put down after Cedar Park man mauled

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Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 9:26 am

CEDAR PARK — A pit bull dog was euthanized last week after the animal reportedly mauled a Cedar Park man, Cedar Park police confirmed.

A neighbor told Hill Country News that the victim was covered in blood and collapsed on her front steps.

Cedar Park Police Capt. Jeffrey Hayes said police and animal control officers responded to the scene and investigated the reported dog bite Thursday night in the 400 block of South Buffalo.

According to Hayes, Anita Escalera, 53, of Cedar Park was walking her dog and was passing the property of 60-year-old Larry Roepke.

“Mr. Roepke feeds a colony of undomesticated cats and became upset that Escalera was walking the dog near his yard,” Hayes said. “A verbal disturbance resulted which caused Escalera’s dog to react and although on a leash, broke free from Escalera and attacked Roepke – biting him on the arms and stomach area.”

Escalara’s dog, which Hayes described as a pit bull or pit bull-mix, was quarantined and the owner voluntarily agreed to euthanize the animal.

Hayes said the remains were tested for rabies and the results came back negative.

Escalera was charged with two Class C misdemeanor violations of Cedar Park city ordinance – which deals with dogs at large and unregistered dogs.

The next door neighbor said it was important to note that Buffalo, as well as two other streets in the area do not have sidewalks or street lights, and she said she did not feel it was safe for children to walk without sidewalks.

A friend of the neighbor told Hill Country News that Roepke was hospitalized but was back at home Friday with stitches and bandages on each arm and cuts on his torso.

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  • Just a thought posted at 12:30 pm on Fri, Sep 21, 2012.

    Just a thought Posts: 218

    I've been attacked by a Chihuahua, does that mean the Chihuahua is a dangerous animal? Not really because the dogs owner teased the chihuahua to the point he hated all humans. You should treat every domesticated animal with love and respect.

    It is unfortunate that the dog had to be put down because it's owner didn't care enough to train him properly.

  • QTX posted at 9:54 pm on Thu, Sep 20, 2012.

    QTX Posts: 1

    I agree with jwood about the owner's responsibility, not any particular race of animal is the issue. Some animals have a finer line of aggression, that is why you see more articles about Pit Bull attacks. But owner responsibility and other factors need to be addressed, not just lay blame to the animal. For example, sidewalks in this area would have allowed the woman to walk her dog without having to cross the man's yard as her only other option was walking in an unlit street and risking being hit by a car. An unfortunate series of problems caused this attack that effected several lives. I think as a city, we should put resident safety at the top of our to do list. We need to upgrade our older neighborhoods with sidewalks and street lights. It's about time we realize our town is no longer rural.

  • jwood posted at 4:54 pm on Thu, Sep 20, 2012.

    jwood Posts: 1

    The below event is ridiculous. Why do people automatically blame the breed?!? It is the handler or owner that drives a dog's behavior. A man causes a sceneby acting agressively and riles a pitbull up and the pit bull attacks is unfair to label the breed as dangerous and have "EVENTS" to raise awareness. How about you spend your time more constructively such as educating the public on animal handeling. I own a 200 pound mastiff that has never shown and would never show an ounce of aggression because of the way the DOG IS HANDELED!

  • Jaloney posted at 12:57 pm on Thu, Sep 20, 2012.

    Jaloney Posts: 1

    The First Public event for victims of Pitbulls & other dangerous dogs. Victims are coming to the FREE EVENT from across the USA and Canada. on-site security, two lives bands, a food vendor along with several national speakers on the issue of dangerous dogs, including Tony Solesky and Colleen Lynn of Dogsbite.org. 12 Noon in Lincoln Park,4325 South Pantano Rd, Tuscon, Az 85730 on October 27th, 2012. Churches, and business groups are welcome to come out to help raise awareness and show support. We kick off the event with a short walk at Noon and we will carry posters of victims that cannot attend due to the severity of their injuries, or due to the fact that they were killed by a pitbull. DOGS ARE PROHIBITED AT THE EVENT. a playground is onsite. The Free event will run until 7 p.m. http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com/