Blow your mind


We’ve all heard of the saying, blow your mind. Can you imagine being sincerely surprised and overwhelmed with God’s goodness in your life? Well, that is exactly what God wants to do. He wants you to experience his goodness and see you live your best life. God wants to blow your mind.

Some people have experienced so much hardship, trials, trauma and grief, they think — God can’t blow my mind.

God can. God will.

The bible tells us in I Corinthians 2:9 eyes have not seen, ear has not heard — neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for them that love Him. It’s a blow your mind kind of life. That is why eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has prepared. It’s a life that doesn’t allow obstacles to stand in the way.

We only grow where we go. We must grow beyond the fear of loss, doubt, discouragement, insecurity, pain and even success of old — move forward. God wants to blow your mind.

Your best life is in front of you not behind you. God told Moses to send 12 men to spy out the promised land. They came back with the fruit of the land. It was better than anything they had ever experienced. It was a taste of what was to come. God gives us taste so as we venture to the next step as we experience God’s best in our next season.

Do not wait for others to encourage you to step out, you must step out on the Word. Make preparation and push your way through. In the bible, we learn of a story where the disciples were crossing a large body of water and in the middle of the night a great storm arose.

Many times when a storm arises in life, our first reaction is fear, anxiety and not faith. When Jesus walked on the water toward the boat during the storm, Peter saw Jesus and said if it is you bid me to come out to you. Jesus spoke a four-letter word: come. In those four letters was all the power Peter needed to offset the laws of gravity and walk on top of the water. Peter was able to walk on top of the water because of the Word. That is a blow your mind act.

Don’t allow the past to be an indicator of your future, what God has spoken is what you depend on.

God told Abraham "I will make your name great" and he became Father Abraham.

When you are faced with variables that are outside of your control remember you serve a blow your mind God who makes the impossible possible. One phone call, one email, one letter, or one message could be a blow your mind God sent. Abraham never knew the greatest times of his life were ahead. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for them that love.

It is not too late for God to show you favor and blow your mind. You are loved, accepted, an over comer, victorious, healed, whole, loving, full of wisdom, and reaching your full potential in Christ.