Life is a journey: Break the cycle


Life is a journey. Some seasons bring peace and you feel covered by grace. Other seasons seem to be engulfed with obstacles the size of mountains. As we try to put one foot in front of the other to go after our goals and aspirations it can seem like hoops of fire are everywhere with darts flying at you. Be encouraged. Fire up the hope buried underneath the struggle. The bible teaches us that Jesus came to make the crooked paths straight.

Some struggle you experience may be a cycle. Evaluate and identify if what you are facing is a generational cycle on repeat or a seasonal cycle. Once identified, what can be done to stop the repeated pattern? You see, every cycle creates a rhythm. A rhythm, regardless if it breeds functionality or chaos, it is created by a pattern. If you are dissatisfied with the rhythm of life, identify the cycle, evaluate the pattern and implement change.

Someone once shared they felt their life was a constant pattern of failures. While they had experienced success, failure seemed to outweigh the accomplishments. For this person, their accomplishments seemed as great as their failures. This person was a faithful man. Faithful to his relationship with God, faithful to his wife and children, faithful to his job, responsibilities and tasks, faithful in every area of his life.

Determined to break the cycle and interrupt the pattern of repeat re-starts, failures and mishaps; he identified in some areas of his life he was faithful to a dried-up brook and faithful to a fruitless garden. This revelation afforded him the opportunity to ignite the flicker of hope buried under the broken branches of defeat into a flaming fire pursing purpose, destiny, redemption and forgiveness.

I submit to you, the Word of God is able to take your breath away because what God did for one person, He can do for you. In the bible, there was a woman named Sarah. She faced disappointment over disappointment in her lifetime. However, in Genesis 21:1 it says “The Lord visited Sarah and He had said, and the Lord did for her as He had promised.” Her promise was to have a child. It was a little problematic being she was 90 and her husband was 100 years old. It seemed impossible!

God’s plan for your life is good success. Sarah was up in her age when her promise came to pass. You may feel too much time has passed and you should be further along than you are. Take a deep breath, pick your head up, pull your shoulders back, smile and expect a positive turn around. It’s coming! Evaluate your rhythms, make changes to interrupt patterns and do not despise small beginnings. Be careful to not be resentful over the journey but rather understand the fortitude being developed.

Every promise written in the bible is predicated upon following the pattern God has established.

There are times in life when you must change a pattern to create a new cycle and rhythm. When God’s word was released into Sarah’s life, it changed the variables. Identifying the cycle, evaluating the pattern and implementing change will produce a different result. You have heard the saying “to get something different you need to do something different.” Today, know that God is for you not against you. God is calling you to make change. His plan for your life is that you prosper.

Pastor Mark Brown is the Senior/Founder of Faith City Church in Lago Vista. /