Bucy files legislation to expand Medicaid in Texas


Newly-elected State Representative John Bucy filed his first legislation since being sworn in to office, proposing bills that would expand Medicaid in the state. 

H.B. 840 and H.J.R. 46 were both filed last week, and would H.B. 840 would expand the number of Texans eligible to participate in Medicaid by nearly 1.5 million, including 12,190 Williamson County residents. H.J.R. 46 would provide for the expansion of Medicaid by constitutional amendment, which if passed by the legislature, would be submitted to the voters for an election in November 2019.

Bucy's office released a statement estimating that his bills would create 1,985 jobs annually and bring in over $41.1 million in federal health care dollars to Williamson County each year. 

"Medicaid expansion will help millions of Texans get the healthcare they need, bring billions of dollars back into the state economy, and lower all of our health insurance premiums." Bucy said. 

Texas has the highest number and percent of uninsured people in the nation, according to government statistics, and Bucy said that the state is losing out on $100 billion in funding over 10 years.