Burn your quit towel


God has called you to greatness. The scripture teaches us in Mark 11:23 if we speak to the mountain and do not doubt in our hearts, but believe what we have spoken then the mountain will be removed.

Have you ever felt like quitting? Have you ever quit something because the obstacles you faced were difficult? I want you to imagine a white flag of surrender.  Similarly, imagine a hand towel, one you wave every time you quit, give up, go the other way and back down.

Every quit towel is associated with an emotion and experience.

Mountains in the scripture are symbolic of obstacles and barriers. You do not negotiate with a mountain, debate a mountain nor settle with it in your way. You command the mountain to be removed. You can go through the mountain, around the mountain, under the mountain, over the mountain it doesn’t matter your style or preference but if there is one thing for sure you need to get past the mountain.

Do not settle for throwing your quit towel in the air. Do not be afraid to step out because of past experiences. Your destiny is calling you. Your future is depending on you. And greatness awaits you. It’s not a matter of how long the dream takes, it’s a matter of how bad you want it. Do not quit building what is your heart. God would not have put it there if He didn’t have provision for the vision.

Decide to live a life of no excuses. People often give up and quit, throwing up their quit towel because they are led by emotions, feelings, rejection, fear, disappointments, frustration and settling.

People are waiting on you, to be where you need to get to, in the timing God ordained. Are you on track? If you are in a state where you have already quit, do not hesitate to begin again, live again and dream again. 

When Goliath came out to fight the children of Israel, they had been in battle for 40 days. David defeated Goliath. It’s a historic story. Note that on the 40th day the Giant fell and Israel defeated the enemy.

If Goliath, who was a giant and symbolic of a mountain stood towering over an army, intimidating and stirring fear — fell after 40 days. Your mountains can fall too.  What mountain is standing in your way? Believe the Word of the Lord. Believe you can declare and decree God’s goodness, mercy, favor and blessings.  

The moment you release the Word of God, is the moment the mountain begins to move. It might not manifest immediately, but it has already begun to move. The scripture tells us Elisha told the King of Israel there would be food this time tomorrow and more than enough. The exact time and thing promised, was the exact time and thing of execution; it occurred as Elisha had spoken. The mountain of famine ended the moment they spoke to it. What is it that needs to be removed in your life? 

Don’t limit God. Speak to the mountain and command it to be removed!

You could be one spoken word away from seeing the mountain removed. But if you don’t burn your quit towel, you will give up and walk away. What if your solution is on the other side of the mountain and if you don’t speak to the mountain and believe, then you will not receive the solutions, increase, promises, promotions, and successes on the other side of the mountain?

It all begins and starts with burning your quit towel. It begins with speaking to the mountains in your life and commanding them to get out of the way.  

Don’t look at where you are as an impossible starting point. God says speak to the mountain and it will be moved if you don’t doubt in your heart but believe. You are loved, appreciated, respected, full of His wisdom, highly favor, an over comer, and winning. 

— Mark Brown is senior pastor of Faith City Church in Cedar Park.