Cedar Park Council

Cedar Park City Council to discuss restaurant permit regulations, board appointees


The Cedar Park City Council will consider Thursday reducing local restaurants' regulatory burden and saving them money by extending how long their Health Department permits can be used when participating in city-sponsored events.

"We're gonna be more business-friendly and not over-regulate them," Council member Mel Kirkland said. "This is the council listening directly to the needs of the business community."

The proposed changes to city regulations would extend how frequently restaurants need to obtain Health Department permits to participate in city-sponsored events from each event to once every 6 months, mimicking changes adopted by Georgetown and Round Rock.

Kirkland said it can cost as much as $80 per permit, which can rack up quickly when a  restaurant wants to participate in  several events. He said it can be particularly burdensome to small restaurants who don't have a corporate hierarchy to mitigate costs.

The council will also vote on several more board appointees submitted by council members.