Cedar Park Council approves plan for development of key Brushy Creek intersection


The Cedar Park City Council Thursday unanimously approved a plan for the development of 42 acres at the northwest corner of Parmer Lane and and Brushy Creek Road, ending a decade long struggle to find an agreed upon use for the triangle-shaped prime property.

"This plan isn't perfect," said Mayor Matt Powell. "But it is very good. I have been working on this issue longer than any other."   

Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Thomas said it has been a challenging project because of the topography.  

“It's been hard to find a better solution," he said.

The owners of the property, Ann and Gary Seaman, have been seeking an appropriate use of the oddly shaped parcel of land adjoining two major roads for more than 12 years. The plan approved last week calls for construction of 140 single family units in a gated community along Parmer Road and the development of retail space for offices and restaurants near the intersection.

"I am pleased to have such a good use of my old family home," said Ann Seaman. "It has taken a long time. I am here to speak in support of this project and to thank the developer, Millstone.  When they were presented with a problem, they solved it. Thank you."

Other business

Thursday city council also approved an amendment to the Cedar Park fiscal year 2017 capital budget in the amount of $3.4 million for expansions to current fire and police facilities as well as utility projects. A special use permit was also approved to allow the opening of a Camp Bow Wow pet boarding kennel at 1805 Clover Lane.