Cedar Park Council

Cedar Park Council to consider budget, smoking regulations and term limits


The Cedar Park City Council plans to hold its third hearings and subsequently adopt its Fiscal Year 2020 city budget and new property tax rate during its Thursday meeting.

The proposed budget is based on a planned one-tenth of a cent reduction to the property tax rate, which will lower the rate to $0.448 per $100 of property valuation.

If the council decided to adopt the proposed tax rate, it will be the city's lowest rate since 1998 and the seventh consecutive year the city has reduced its tax rate.

However, due to significant increases in property values in the city, and new properties becoming taxable this year, the city's tax revenues will increase by 7.3 percent for 2020, a net gain of $3.1 million for the city. The Fiscal Year 2020 operating budget will become $151.87 million under the proposed budget.

The average value of a Cedar Park home in Williamson County has increased $13,000, or 4.4 percent, to $315,400. Similarly, the average value of a Cedar Park home in Travis County has $14,700, or 3.2 percent, to $469,900.

Under the proposed rate, an average value home in Williamson County could see their property tax bill increase by $57 and an average value home in Travis County could see their bill increase by $61.

The council will also discuss the city's smoking regulations, including potentially regulating smoking and vaping at businesses. The agenda item is only a discussion and no action will be taken.

In addition, the council will discuss the idea of term limits for council members and the mayor position. The agenda item is sponsored by Cedar Park Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale and was a campaign priority for Council member Tim Kelly.

Another item, requested by Council member Anne Duffy, requests the council discuss their Council  Rules of Procedure.

The portion of the rules reads: "Council members shall show respect and courtesy to, and refrain from making disparaging comments about, fellow Council members, the public, and City staff in the conduct of a City Council meeting, outside of Council meetings, in social settings, and on social media."

Lastly, the council will vote on each of the council members' proposed board appointments or re-appointments, an item which generated heated debate two weeks ago.