Cedar Park PD hosts training to avoid child abduction


Public servants must be prepared to teach children how to avoid and escape abduction. The Cedar Park Police Department is partnering with Strategos International to host one-day child abduction Train the Trainer Course for adults interested in obtaining Instructor Level Certification in the Cedar Park/Austin area. 

The course is scheduled for Monday Feb. 6, at the Cedar Park Police Department. The training is open to all area:

-Police, Firefighters, EMS

-Teachers, Coaches, Scout Leaders

-Trainer/Instructors for churches and community centers


Registration is required at https://keepthemsafeus.com/events.

Mandatory pre-requisite: In order to fulfill our mission of protecting children and kids, all participants registered are required to undergo a nationwide background check PRIOR to being accepted into the course. This background check is covered as part of your registration to attend the course. Any person registered who is found to have felonies or other topic hazardous offenses on their record will not be accepted into the course.

More than 2,000 child abductions are reported each year. Abductions by strangers are a minority of these abductions however if you are the parent of one of these children these statistics showing that stranger abductions are rare are of little comfort. Of those thousands, approximately 50 percent are sexually assaulted and many of those are murdered or never found. Proper training and education of today’s youth is almost nonexistent in regards to anti-abduction. Like most crimes, prevention is key.

This course is designed as an eight-hour “Instructor level train the trainer course” to certify qualified individuals that want to educate, equip and empower children to prevail during an abduction. The class will include principles, strategies and techniques of “Scan, Avoid, Fight, Escape” (S.A.F.E.), correct decision making based on known and potential factors, and the optimal results of Keep Them S.A.F.E. training.

There’s no shortage of talented educators. But when it comes to child abduction prevention, quality training is scarce. Strategos’ one-day course equips trainers with proven, practical principles and techniques that are field-tested to protect kids. S.A.F.E. for Kids training is relevant for schools, churches, sports leagues, scouting and numerous other child- and youth-oriented associations.

Instructors learn to equip children to prevail during an abduction attempt using the “Scan, Avoid, Fight, Escape” (S.A.F.E.) approach.

Topics include:

-Situational awareness

-Identifying potential attackers and child predators

-Avoiding contact with perpetrators

-Breaking free from abductors

For more information, contact the Cedar Park Police Department or Strategos International’s Investigators Vaughn Baker or Robert Harris. Harris can be reached at robert.harris@cedarparktexas.gov and Baker can be reached at vaughn@strategosintl.com.