Cedar Park rolls out online water usage monitoring service

Web portal service provides up-to-date water use data, allows customers to set customized budget and usage alerts


Cedar Park residents now have the option to monitor their water usage on the hour through a new utility web portal service, officials said.

The City of Cedar Park launched their “You’re running the sH2Ow” service Monday. The service’s interface provides up-to-date water use data, allows customers to set customized budget and usage alerts via text or email and can assist in detecting leaks and water waste.

Billing cycle and daily usage alerts notify customers when they have reached their threshold. Vacation alerts allow customers to temporarily override daily usage and to send alerts if usage goes over a set amount.

“We’re one of the first cities in the area to have a customer facing portal,” said Jennie Huerta, media and communications manager. “A lot of these services are highly customized for our customer’s needs.”

The new portal is web-based and no app is required to log on. It may be accessed from any web browser from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Customers will need to ensure they input their account numbers exactly as they are listed on their water bills, dashes included, said Jennie Huerta, spokeswoman for Cedar Park.

“(You’re running the sH2Ow) will allow people to do detective work on their usage and help them save water,” said Mayor Matt Powell. “For people to proactively see that information, it is just wonderful.”

Scott Smith, president of Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA, said he liked the variety of ways he can observe his water data in charts and different time periods.

“I’ll probably check it once or twice a month to see where my usage patterns are so I can predict what my bill is,” Smith said. “I have a pool, and I’ve had times where I’ve overfilled it because I forgot the hose is back there. If I have an alert for hourly usage where it exceed, this would definitely give me an idea if that’s happening to me.”

There are more features for the service in development. The city is working with their billing software company to display billing tiers and alerts for when you reach a certain amount of dollars and will be rolled out in the near future, said Nanette McCartan, utility programs manager. Commercial customers will also soon be able to monitor their water data.

“I’ve been anticipating this a lot in our neighborhood,” said Julie Levy, Cedar Park resident. “I love that this puts you in control and you can see your usage. That’s huge for me to know, especially if I’m out of town, to get an alert and I can call someone to see what’s going on.”

The service relies on the 22,000 digital water meters the city finished deploying in June. The digital water meters came after Cedar Park City Council asked water utility staff to explore opportunities to give customers improved access to their water usage and flexibility to monitor hourly or daily water consumption.

For assistance about the new portal and digital meters (AMI), visit www.cedarparktexas.gov/ami.