Cedar Park woman files lawsuit after her car dropped seven stories

Lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages


A Cedar Park woman who was injured July 13 when her car plunged seven stories off a parking garage deck in downtown Austin has filed a lawsuit in Travis County District Court seeking $1 million in damages.

The suit against GTT Parking LP, which owns the Littlefield Garage on East Sixth St., claims the garage's management was negligent in failing to upgrade a cable barrier system designed to keep cars from going over the edge of the building.

"This case is about defendants putting profits over safety and knowingly exposing garage residents to foreseeable dangers," the lawsuit declares.

Christi Bowmer, 49, of Cedar Park was seriously injured when her black BMW 328i hard-top convertible hit the barrier and plunged off the seventh floor of the parking garage last month.  

Bowmer's car hit the building across a narrow alley from the parking garage and then nosedived to the alley below where it fell on top of another vehicle.  The crash broke Bowmer's back, elbow, ankle, ribs and sternum and caused two arterial hemorrhages that nearly took her life.

The crash was the second time in a year that a car had gone through the barriers and over the side of the Littlefield Garage. The previous incident in 2016 led to national headlines as the car dangled in the barrier cables on the ninth floor while the terrified driver was forced to scramble to safety.