Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority approves toll hikes


Local residents will start paying more on local toll roads starting in January after the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority allowed a scheduled 1.71% increase in tolls on 183-A and U.S. 290 East to go forward at its Oct. 30 board meeting.

The Authority also approved a 5-cent increase to the minimum cost charged per station on the MoPac express lanes.

The increase will average between 1 to 3 cents per station on the local highways with 183A tollway at Park Street being the highest toll at $1.57. 

The separate 5-cent increase means MoPac will cost 35-cents per station on the highway during non-peak hours. The board's long-term goal is to increase to eventually reach a base rate of $0.50 per segment.

Board members discussed concerns during the Oct. 30 meeting about the raising cost of the toll roads for local residents, including board members Mark Ayotte of Cedar Park and Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. They suggested shifting the increase for the Park Street toll to other tolls to address how particularly expensive the stretch of highway can be for locals. Member John Langmore separately suggested the Authority put off the MoPac 5-cent increase for a year. 

However, the board ultimately voted not to change anything, allowing the planned increase to continue and take effect in January. 

In other business, the board voted to approve the 183-A Phase III project, which will add 6.6 miles of toll road from near the highway's intersection with Hero Way to just north of Texas 29 near Liberty Hill.