Community members assist driver, flip overturned van

A traffic accident caused a van to flip, and several people in Cedar Park worked to assist the driver and turn the vehicle upright


About a dozen people in Cedar Park flipped an overturned van upright at the Bell Blvd. and Cypress Creek Rd. intersection following a traffic accident Wednesday evening, police said.   

The incident involved a driver in a burgundy Dodge van who attempted to turn left on a yield on green light, and a driver headed northbound on Bell Blvd. hit the van, causing it to flip on its side. No one was injured, said Mike Harmon, Cedar Park assistant chief of police. 

Following the incident, several drivers who witnessed the accident exited their vehicles and attempted to help the driver. One person climbed the underside of the van and opened the driver side door in an attempt to help the driver. The group then opened the hatchback and the driver exited through the back, according to witnesses.

Once the driver was outside the vehicle, the group started to rock the vehicle back and forth and successfully turned the vehicle rightside up. 

“It was bizarre to see,” said Oscar Nuñez, a Cedar Park resident. “It was really surreal, like what you see in a movie. I wouldn’t have advised what they did, but it’s good to know there’s a lot of good Samaritans here.”

A video of the incident from Cedar Park resident Tetra Genia’s car camera shows the group flipping the vehicle as it happened.