COOL Week interns gain museum curation insights


When a freshman begins high school no one can prepare them for the whirlwind of events that is about to occur. Four years fly by in the blink of an eye and the once wide-eyed freshman is a senior and they must face the challenges of the real world.  Soon they must decide which career they want to pursue and the stark realization that adulthood is around the corner begins to sink in. That’s where LISD’s COOL week comes in.

Vista Ridge Seniors Ricki Castanieto and Matthew Glattfelder took part in COOL week, an internship program for LISD high schools, which allows students to shadow an employee with a career in their targeted field.  The students visited the Bob Bullock museum in Austin and shadowed Kaitlin Lloyd, an employee in the education department.  

“They’ve had the opportunity to see some behind the scenes of the museum,” said Lloyd. “They have been able to meet with all the people in those different jobs to learn about jobs they’ve been working on.”

The students were given an inside look at the museum in order to have a better understanding of what it meant to work in that field. They discussed the responsibility of different job titles such as curators, who handle and research the artifacts, designers, who create the exhibits and historians, who create educational tools for visitors. 

“We talked to some of the designers and the sound people, and actually we talked to a curator who works with a lot of artifacts and does research on them,” Castanieto said. “I think getting knowledge on how that stuff works would help me specifically because I’m so interested in art. It will help me figure out how I can talk to people about art and how I can make it easy for them to understand and get them engaged in it.”

The program aims to give the students a better understanding of what it looks like to have a job as an adult and aims to dissipate some of the fear and uncertainty that goes along with graduating high school and choosing a career path.

“COOL week has given me a wider idea of what actually happening not just in museums, but other job opportunities,” Glattfelder said. “Its given me a lot more insight on career choices to have for the future.”