CPHS to put on fashion show, funds to go toward Project Graduation


Cedar Park High School has a trendy way of raising money for Project Graduation.

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, CPHS seniors will walk the catwalk at the Twin Creeks Country Club. Attendees can shop Kendra Scott's new spring jewelry line and enjoy a fashion show put on by the seniors who will be modeling Z Couture formal dresses and tuxedos.

According to Caroline Domin, volunteer for Project Graduation, Kendra Scott, Twin Creeks Country Club and Z Couture have gone above and beyond to make sure the show is set up for success.

“Z Couture is actually owned by a Cedar Park graduate, Krisitn Zreet,” Domin said. “She told us ‘have 20-25 girls come in and I will fit them for a dress for the night.’”

Domin said there are students from “all walks of life” modeling during the show.

“There are 25 girls, six or seven guys, all from different organizations,” Domin said. “Celebrities (dance team), cheer, softball, basketball, as many as we could find representing different organizations. They are different sizes, different colors and from different activities.”

They expect about 200 attendees.

Domin said she hopes the event raises $10,000. Although entry is free, there will be many opportunities for guests to purchase things. Besides Kendra Scott’s jewelry, students who are searching for a prom dress will have the opportunity to purchase their dress during the event. Z Couture dresses are registered for CPHS and other high school proms. 

Gift baskets will also be available for purchase. Project Graduation volunteers said the baskets will make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

“Our total fundraising goal for this year’s Project Grad is $50,000,” Domin said.

At this point they have $20,000 for the alcohol-free and drug-free senior class party.

There will be two style shows. One will take place at 6:15 p.m. and the second at 7:30 p.m.

Project Grad is run by parents of graduating seniors and funded 100 percent by donations and fundraising. The goal is for enough money to be raised so that every graduating senior can attend the party free of charge.