CTRMA approves veterans toll discount


The CTRMA has approved a toll discount program, allowing participating qualified veterans to drive toll-free, starting on Nov. 1, on the 183A toll, the 290 toll, the 71 toll lane, and the future 183 South and SH 45SW toll roads.

The program was approved by unanimous vote a CTRMA Board of Directors Meeting on July 25.

“I’m extremely pleased about this decision,” said Texas State Rep. Tony Dale, a retired Army Captain and current Major in the Texas State Guard. “This means a lot to veterans who fit into this category in the area.”

According to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, toll authorities are able to offer discounted or waived tolls for certain classes of veterans including disabled veterans and Legion of Valor or Medal of Honor recipients under state law. Texas House Bill 3139 was passed Sept. 1, 2009 after veterans said they were having difficulty affording travel to Veterans Affairs medical facilities.

Qualified veterans who wish to participate in the toll discount program will be required to register with the agency using the online portal on the CTRMA website. The agency says that the portal will be available prior to the launch of the program.

The program limits participation to one license plate per household and the vehicle must be associated with a qualified license plate and electronic toll tag account — TxTag, EZ TAG, TollTag, K-Tag or BancPass.

“It’s great because these are people who have sacrificed so much for this country,” said Dale. “It’s the least we can do for these veterans. I’m really glad that the CTRMA is offering this program.”

All outstanding tolls acquired prior to Nov. 1 must be paid in full to be accepted into the program.

Mobility Authority said toll charges acquired on the MoPac Express Lane will not be waived under this program, asserting that the variable toll pricing model is crucial to managing heavy traffic congestion.