Departing Cedar Park councilmen honored


The Cedar Park City Council and a group of citizens said goodbye last week to two departing councilmen who were defeated in the May 6 election. In an emotion-filled evening, Councilmen Jon Lux and Lyle Grimes were honored at the council’s regular Thursday meeting.

Councilmen Lux, Place 5, and Grimes, Place 3, were defeated by voters casting ballots in the recent city elections. They were defeated by Heather Jefts, Place 5, and Ann Duffy, Place 3, both of whom received 57.6 percent of the vote. The two newcomers will be sworn in on May 25.

“The citizens of this city have been well served by Councilman Lux and Councilman Grimes,” said Cedar Park resident Trey Hensley. “I’m proud to live in this city, I’m proud that I’m represented by people who truly care about my way of life, and they want to make it better.”

Addressing his two colleagues at their last official council meeting, Councilman Corbin Van Arsdale, Place 2, said, “What a lot of the folks in Cedar Park will never know is how much time you guys put in, how serious you were about it, and how hardworking you are about it. You’re good men. You’re men of integrity.”

After a half dozen citizens spoke to the council about their admiration for the two departing councilmen, Cedar Park Matt Powell said a more formal goodbye for Lux, who has been on the council for five years, and Grimes, who has served on the council for four years, will take place at a reception “in the next couple of weeks.”   

“It will be a chance to spend some time and more formally recognize our colleagues up here,” said Powell. “I know that it’s something that a number of members of the council are interested in doing in a longer form, and I have a feeling there will be a large outpouring of support from the community as well.”

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve this amazing city, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen as it goes on,” said Lux. “I appreciate the vision and the hard work everybody has put in. Thank you to the citizens of Cedar Park.”

“I have been blessed to become friends with many people in the city and on the council and staff,” said Grimes. “I put fingerprints on this city that can never be taken away. From Veteran’s Memorial Park statue to recognize the people that fought and died for our country, to roads and streets that people drive on every day. I love the city and I will always love the city.”