Don’t settle, your promise is ahead


Sometimes in life we fight the wrong battles, or we’ve been on a road for so long we settle and never reach our destiny. Don’t settle for mediocre when God has prepared greatness for you. In fact, we can miss destiny when we have not followed through on what the Lord has spoken. Others settle because it is taking too long. And some, simply because they do not understand the bigger picture. You have others who do not listen to the Lord and think their way or what they have is more than enough. Settling is your enemy. 

In Deuteronomy 1:6, Moses was speaking and told the children of Israel “You have stayed at this mountain long enough.” Have you been at your mountain long enough? Are you accustomed to settling? 

Sometimes we get used to settling. It can stem from pain, frustration, fear of the unknown, failure and rejection. God wants you to know it is time to move on. It is time to reach for higher. It is time to open the gates of the potential that lies inside. 

The Bible tells of a time, God sent an angel to a man name Gideon.  He said, “You mighty man of Valor.” In that moment, God was speaking to Gideon’s purpose not his pain. At this time Gideon was hiding and making food for his family, yet the angel of the Lord called him by who he was in Christ, a mighty man of valor. Even in our lowest moments, we are who God says we are. 

What has the Lord put on your heart that you have set aside? What do you know deep down on the inside you have not acted on? In the bible there were ten brides waiting for the bridegroom. While the ten waited, their lamps began to go out and only the five wise took extra oil. The other five had to go back, leave their waiting place and buy extra oil. While the five foolish brides were away, the bridegroom came.  They were left behind. They didn’t plan for the bridegroom to be late. 

Are you prepared for the dream God placed in your heart? Are you ready to see promise fulfilled? Is there anything God keeps speaking to you, to step out on — but you continue to ignore it? I guarantee if the five foolish had the opportunity to do it all over again, they would have invested into more oil. 

What God has put on your heart, act on it. He knows exactly what, where, why, and how. Settling is saying — God your plan is not good enough. It’s saying I know more than you. No, God has already laid out what He has foreseen. 

God’s timing is impeccable.  He is flawless when it comes to plans for our life. In the bible, Elijah was on a journey and an angel of the Lord came and woke him up. The angel told Elijah to eat, for the journey is long. He was telling Elijah, you need more than what you think. God will prepare you and instruct you. Do not settle. On the other side of your obedience is someone who is waiting on your gift to the world. 

Settling prohibits us from reaching our full potential. It produces language like “almost” and “why didn’t I,” instead of “I obeyed the Lord.”

Settling is the enemy’s method of stealing and robbing your time, vision, purpose and potential. Refuse to settle, but for God’s best. People are waiting on you and all that God has pre-ordained you to be and live out. What God has for you is greater than you have seen before. The opinion of others never alters what God has already spoken. The Bible tells us some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will trust in the name of our God. Don’t settle. 

You are loved, approved, appointed, anointed, over coming, victorious, highly favored, and reaching your destiny.