Endorsing candidates in our faith communities


Churches are politically active institutions either by intention or by default. When we seek to end hunger, homelessness, poverty, or other injustices, we move in a political world, albeit from our faith traditions.

I believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is political and it is not good news unless it is good news to the poor, to the homeless, to the hungry, to the scapegoats, and oppressed. 

Jesus was not executed because his ethic of love was seen as cute and cuddly.  He was executed because his message meant the status quo and power structures would have to change.  That’s political.

Having said that, the church, as an institution does itself grave harm if it becomes partisan.  The church must be a prophetic voice regardless who holds political office.  The church needs to be able to support good ideas from any party.  

If the church begins endorsing candidates, then the church becomes beholding to those candidates.  This is a dangerous place for a prophet.

I want churches and the people in them to be political, but I do not want the church as a religious body to endorse specific parties or candidates.