Glenn girls look to use first season as springboard


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The first-ever home game the Glenn girls’ basketball team played was a win. But something else sticks out to head coach Jordan Ramey. 

As a first-year head coach, the relationships he built with the team and the moments throughout the year when they do something on or off the basketball court that he and the coaching staff had taught them. 

“My expectation was to learn the game and just learn how to be teammates,” he said. “This is the first time they’ve been together in one high school. I’m proud of what they accomplished in

their first year.”

The Lady Grizzlies beat Austin Travis 49-29 in their first home game. It was the only game the team, made up completely of freshmen and sophomores, won all season. 

Coming from Leander and Rouse and the middles schools that feed them, the girls started the year not knowing each other and by the end were good friends and good teammates. 

“They were starting to learn how to build someone up and help a teammate,” Ramey said. “All of that was starting to happen. It doesn’t start overnight. It takes people and the girls’ time and them putting into practice what we talk about.”

The Glenn job is the first head coaching position that Ramey has had. He spent a few seasons coaching alongside Rhonda Farney at Georgetown, which has made the regional final every year since they won the state title in 2013. 

This was a different challenge for Ramey. Instead of helping move along a program that has some history, he had to start from scratch. 

“I had to set the legacy and tradition in place,” Ramey said. “I asked them what they wanted it to look like. That needed to be their mindset because they’re the first. One is how do you keep it rolling, and here it was how do you get it rolling.”

The Lady Grizzlies won’t be competing for the state title next season, but they do expect some big improvements. But another year for the freshmen and sophomores to graduate into sophomores and juniors is just a boost in natural strength. 

“Teaching the kids how to push themselves mentally and how to become mentally tough,” Ramey said. “We’re trying to get stronger. That deals with what we’re doing in the offseason. This is the first one of those too.”