ROUNDTABLE: God is the CEO of the Universe

Q: From your perspective as a faith leader, can faith and science co-exist in religious rhetoric?


Happy New Year! I believe 2018 is your year for fulfilled dreams. The round table question is: “From your perspective as a faith leader, can science and faith co-exist in religious rhetoric?” 
God is the President and CEO of the Universe. He is the creator of all things, including science.

The bible declares the glory of God and the Earth shows His handy work. Science is evidence based and the scriptures are proven. 

There is an account in the bible of a day, Joshua told the sun to stand still. There is equally a day, scientist claim is missing from the calendar. I believe the two coincide.

Albert Einstein said “science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”  It is important to remember God is sovereign and nothing happens outside his control.

Faith and reason can be reconciled in truth. That is why the bible tells us without faith it’s impossible to please God. The size and position of the Earth is by design. In fact, if we were a little closer to the Sun we would disintegrate, if we were moved a little farther away from the Sun we would freeze. God designed it that way.
I encourage you to remember God is the author and finisher of your faith. What He starts, He finishes. You are loved, appreciated, respected, an over comer, full of His wisdom, victorious, and winning in life because of Christ Jesus. 

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Brown

Mark Brown is the  Senior Pastor  and founder of Faith City Church  in Cedar Park.  He can be reached at