Good Things Are Coming Your Way


Good things are coming your way. Make room for God’s blessing, health, solutions, successful plans, and increase. The Bible tells us in Psalm 103:5 He (the Lord) fills our years with good things and makes us young again, like an eagle. The Lord satisfies us with good things and causes our youth to be renewed like the eagles.

The Hebrew word for good is “Towb” and it means best, prosperity, and rich. The Lord wants to be good to you. He is looking to bring God’s best your way in means of prosperity and richness. I’m not talking just about financial increase, I’m referencing also prosperity in peace, richness in relationships; it’s applicable to more than money. 

Some of you may be in need of a healing physically or emotionally. God is able and God is here to meet your point of need, even through a faith article. God wants to bring goodness your way. He said our latter would be greater than the former. Even if it seems life hasn’t been so great, do not lose hope. Do not judge your current circumstance on your present or past situation. God saves the best for last and He is not finished working on your behalf. 

If you were expecting a package that contained the answer to your need and your shipping app showed it would arrive at 2 p.m., what would your state of mind be? You would be excited, relieved, happy, fulfilled and at peace. Just like you made room for those emotions, make room for God’s goodness. I can’t guarantee it’s coming by 2 p.m. today, but I can tell it is in His master plan for your life. 

Declare that good breaks are coming your way. Declare that you will walk in favor, increase and obtain promotion. Sometimes we resign or move right before we retrieve the good things the Lord wants to give us. Know today that your best days are ahead.

The Bible tells us every good and perfect gift is from the Lord. Sometimes our blessings are not where they use to be. 

If you are an eagle, an eagle never eats where the turtles, pigeons, or lions eat. They take their food and eat it high in the air. Are you looking in the right place? Good things come to those who obey the Lord and follow His way of living life. 

God wants you to have a healthy marriage, a successful business, good health and a life without regrets. Don’t allow setbacks to keep you back from retrieving the good things the Lord desires to release to you. Think of the game of Pac-Man and imagine every pellet is the good God has for your life and the ghosts are the opposition. 

Like Pac-man, go and retrieve the good things the Lord has already prepared for you. In the game of Pac-Man you never stay still, you keep moving. Maybe you lost your job, or have experienced unexpected bad news. God wants you to know He desires to fill your life with good things even in the midst of chaos. You have to keep moving. You see the Lord does His best work in the midst of our greatest turmoil and storm. 

The Bible tells us in Zechariah 10:1 Ask the Lord for the rain in the Spring, for He makes the storm clouds and He will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture. He fills every field of our lives with the best and richness of life. Just because one field is lush and others are not doesn’t mean the Lord will not fill them with His good things. Ask Him to fill the dry and cracked fields of your life with His good things and He will. The scripture tells us He daily loads our life with benefits. It’s the bad attitude, or the hopelessness that causes us to think we will never obtain the Lord’s benefits. You might need to unload doubt, fear, anger, unforgiveness, resentment, despair, hate, to load up all the Lord’s benefits. 

I know of a man who wanted to dig a well on his property due to the high cost of irrigation and general water spends on his acreage. The drilling company dug and dug to no avail. They were convinced water was not coming up from the ground as they went through four bits with all four breaking. The homeowner was adamant his property had water and ordered the contractors to keep drilling. The contractor on his best advise told the homeowner he advised they quit because if they hadn’t hit water by now, they likely were not anytime soon. 

The homeowner acknowledged the cost of continuing to drill and asked they resume. It was at that point the homeowner could have decided the most experienced advice was the correct advise. It was not. After drilling four additional inches, there was water! What bits have broken in your life? Is it a friend, boss, colleague or other voice of influence that has told you to quit? Do not quit! Your water is on the other side of the next four inches of drilling. You are loved, covered, over coming, and good things are coming your way!