Hiring season is in full swing for Leander ISD


This time of year is always busy for our human resources department. Much like the real estate market and the weather in Central Texas, things heat up in the late spring and early summer as families make important decisions about where to live and work.

Leander ISD will add approximately 1,000 new students every year for the immediate future, as we continue to be a destination district for families. 

In planning for new staffing positions for next school year, the district prioritized our students and teachers first by working to lower class size ratios – specifically in fifth grade – and add additional assistant principals at our three largest elementary schools. 

Leander ISD staffs our fifth-grade classrooms at higher teacher/student ratios than in grades K–4. Adding fifth-grade teachers will help class sizes mirror those in the lower grade levels. Smaller class sizes in fifth grade allow our teachers to provide more direct assistance to our learners, preparing each student for entry into middle school. Also, while all our elementary school classrooms are relatively the same size, older students are usually larger children. Fewer students in a classroom helps address space considerations so that students have a comfortable educational environment as they continue to grow.

Likewise, adding assistant principals at our larger elementary schools will further support our outstanding teachers. As leaders of their respective schools, we expect our principals to take an active role in mentoring, evaluating and helping their teachers in the classroom. An assistant principal can make a huge difference in that effort by efficiently attending to administrative tasks.

Leander ISD remains focused on making hires that positively affect our campuses, especially regarding talent. The best part? We already have tremendous talent here. As we near the end of the school year, I hope you will take time to join me in thanking the more than 5,100 Leander ISD employees that work hard every day for our children.