It’s all in the house: Cleaning out a good way to assess your spiritual life


Everything we need or want is always in the house. What does that mean exactly? I’m glad you asked. In the Bible, there was a woman who lost a coin. In total, there were 10 coins; however, she lost one. This woman was relentless in her search; she would not lose focus or quit until she located that one coin. People may think she was a tad obsessed with her cleaning endeavors to locate the coin but I propose she was assiduous; showing great care and perseverance.

The woman ended up finding the coin and when she did the Bible says she threw a party. You see, she swept and cleaned her house. In the original Greek the word sweep is, “saroo.” It means to clean by sweeping. When we take the time to sweep our house, we can find what may have been lost, hidden or covered. 

When was the last time you swept and cleaned your spiritual house? How about your relational house?  How about your client list or those contracts coming up for renewal? You might need to take time to reassess connections and inventory. Maybe it’s discovering a gift you have swept under the rug or a dream you have pushed so far away; you forgot it was once a vibrant, viable dream. I urge you to take a break and allow yourself to sweep out all the frustrations, fatigue, behaviors and habits you should let go and watch fresh

ideas come. 

Our house, metaphorically speaking, has all the resources and abilities we need in our life; somethings could simply be misplaced. You see when someone losses something they may retract their steps. They might blame others, but one thing is for sure; you start searching. You find things you thought you lost in the midst of clean up. The Bible doesn’t say with this woman what else she found, but one thing is certain ­— what was lost was discovered after the sweeping. 

Sweeping means there is clearing. Psalms 51:10 says, “… Create in me a clean heart…” God wants us to find all that He has for us. It could be under the rubble of defeat, fear, failure or maybe success. Know one thing, what you have lost or are yet to discover, is in the house. I recall reading an article about a person finding a limited edition mustang that had been kept in the barn since the 70’s. The car had not been lost; it was just under all the junk piled in the barn, over the covered car. What is in you might not be visible yet. God has not called you to live a mediocre life; He’s called you to fulfill purpose. Each time the woman swept her house she was getting closer to finding the one coin. Don’t settle for nine when God has given you 10. 

The opinions of others do not define who you are and neither should they carry enough weight to detour you from your destiny. As this woman swept, she didn’t allow doubt, fear or regret to keep her from sweeping and looking for the one coin. Sweeping our house spiritually, mentally, physically and economically causes us to find the one lost coin in our life. You don’t want to arrive at a point in life where you think to yourself, “I sure wish I would have…” Pursue the one lost coin in your house. 

Have you ever had a smell in your house, or office and you couldn’t seem to identify the source?  I suspect, you started cleaning. Before you know it, you have uncovered the source of the foul odor. It may have been an old wet rag or something that had become rotten. That small item caused the entire area to smell. The moment the source is removed so is the smell. It’s the same in our lives. Don’t settle until you find your lost coin. You are closer than you think. It’s all in the house.



Pastor Mark Brown


Faith City Church