Jesus would undo nothing


Dear Editor,

For centuries the Roman Catholic Church taught the way to salvation was to pay the local priest so he could redeem your soul.  In his “What Would Jesus Undo?” Pastor Martin Brauer rightly claimed that the Reformation reversed that teaching. Now, everyone goes to heaven; which brings us to what’s wrong with the mainline denominations today. They make God out to be a peaceful, flower-wearing hippie like god content with followers who cling to our favorite sins!

Martin Luther risked his life for essentially saying: Yes, God loves his creations but he is continually angry with those among them who think they can offer earthly treasures or rituals to Him but never truly repent. See, God doesn’t want those things. He doesn’t need them. He wants your heart and mind. He wants them so much that you’ll give up your treasures and especially your sin for Him; even that favorite one only you (and God) know about.

So what would Jesus undo? Nothing. He’s aware of who his followers and the pretenders are and will be. It comes down to a doctrine called predestination. We at Calvary Chapel Leander accept that God uses men and governments to accomplish his will; a will at times we don’t understand. We humble ourselves to Him and Him alone.  Join us.