Lakeline Sears closing doors in September


A longtime fixture in Lakeline Mall is closing in September. Sears Holdings Corporation last week announced that its store at Lakeline Mall will be closing in September, along with 72 other locations nationwide. 

Three of the closing stores are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and another is at North Star Mall in San Antonio, according to a company-released list.

While the Lakeline Mall store is located near Cedar Park, Cedar Park spokesperson Jennie Huerta clarified that the Lakeline Mall stores - including Sears - are actually located within the Austin city limits.

"It would be unfair for us to comment on a store that is not located in Cedar Park," Huerta said.

It is unknown how many local employees will be out of work after the local store closure. The Texas Workers Commission director of communications, Lisa Givens, said that Sears has not provided the agency with that information.

Calls placed to the Lakeline Mall Sears store manager and the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce were not returned by press time. The Sears corporate office in Illinois has declined to comment on the closures.

The company has closed nearly 400 stores in the past year, and now has 894 left — including those on the recent list of closures. The company will end the year with fewer than 1,000 locations throughout the nation. The closings stem were announced after the company reported a first quarter income reflecting a 30 percent drop in sales.