Laying the foundation: Glenn makes history, establishes tradition in first full season


Rob Schoenfeld has been around football for more than two decades. He's contributed and taken part in traditions and tried to add his own spin on things.

But what he's done with Glenn, and the football team as a whole did a season ago when they won the district title in their first full varsity season and went two round deep, is a story that will go down in the history of the new school forever.

Schoenfeld has truly established a tradition of his own.

"When I ride off into the sunset, it'll be cool to look back and say that everything that is here now and traditions and work ethic and character and values, is here because we built it," Schoenfeld said. "The standards were enthusiastically set high. What is here for good or bad is because of what we did. That's humbling, but it's something I'm proud of - proud of the kids and community and administrators. You appreciate that stuff more because you were there for the building of it."

The Grizzlies started two seasons ago with a zombie schedule, playing anyone they could, including junior varsity teams and teams from private schools in the area.

By the time week seven rolled around last year, it was abundantly clear what type of team the Grizzlies were.

Trailing East View by multiple possessions at the start of the second half, Glenn scored four touchdowns in the over the final two quarters to beat the Patriots and stay undefeated atop the district standings.

That undefeated run ended in the next game, but again they bounced back in Week 8 against the then-district favorites from Brenham.

"This is a place that embraces the identity of a blue-collar and doing whatever the task is involved," Schoenfeld said. "We understand that we've got total everything one step at a time and chip away. It embraces what it takes to be great in all extracurriculars."

In just a few short years, the Grizzlies athletics program has taken a leap forward. The volleyball team made the playoffs for the first time in its first year and the softball team won a district title last season after a dominant year.

The Grizzlies have been represented at the State Track & Field meet and State Wrestling Meet in each of the last two seasons.

But in Texas, football is king, and what the Grizzlies accomplished last season is a challenge that the current group of seniors - the first to go through four years of the program - have to take on.

"One of the last important first in the Glenn football program is finding out how do the next group of seniors take up the challenge about what the last group accomplished," Schoenfeld said. "I'm most excited about our seniors. They're the last of the firsts that we have around here. I'm proud of how they've accepted that responsibility."

Now, everything pretty much shifts to being normal for the Glenn football program. Asa normal four-year program, Schoenfeld understands he and the team have got to reinvent themselves.

"We feel like from day one we were very intentional as to what our plan was right now or two years from now or five years from now," Schoenfeld said. "We wanted to set expectations and standards high so that whatever stage in our development, that bottom line was there."

Schoenfeld has been in the locker rooms of top teams, including winning a state title at Cedar Park. If he was on the other end of a loss to Glenn, he'd sure be telling his team that they lost to the new kids on the block.

Despite being a known quantity now, no school is going to overlook the Grizzlies this season despite their youthful vigor.

"If you asked Cedar Park or Westlake or Liberty Hill or Lake Travis if they feel like opponents get up for them, the answer is yes," Schoenfeld said. "They're teams that are looked at as a high-level program. If you're a program that gets into that special place, it's humbling.

"We aren't those guys. We've got a long ways to go. But it's better to talk about those things after a winning season like we just had."

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