Leander begins annexation process


The City of Leander has initiated annexations for the final available sections of land that can be annexed into the city on Ronald Reagan Boulevard. Earlier this month, the Leander City Council approved a resolution that launched the annexation of 1,130 acres of land on the southeast side of the city. 

One area of the land is on County Road 175 and County Road 177, and another section is north of the Palmera Ridge subdivision. 

According to city documents, the annexations are involuntary.

Additionally, the council voted in favor of initiating the annexations of three areas of land around San Gabriel Parkway and the San Gabriel River. The land would total 75 acres. Those annexations would be voluntary.

There will be public hearing on both these annexations on Jan. 5 and Jan. 19. The final readings will take place in February sometime. According to city staff, the goal of the annexations are to allow the areas that are ready for further development a way into the city limits. 

These 1,130 acres are the very last land in Leander’s southeast ETJ that can be annexed.