Leander City Council

Leander Council honors life savers


The Leander City Council honored several individuals Thursday, Aug. 15, during its council meeting for their quick actions that saved the life of a young woman who was attending her son's Leander Little League baseball on June 14 at Benbrook Ranch Park.

The city also gave a special award honoring City of Austin Firefighter Amanda Reyes, who was off-duty watching the game with her son and husband when she noticed the young woman suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and fall during the second inning of one of the games. The young woman was not identified by the city.

Reyes handed her son off to her husband, rushed over and began immediately applying cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Area residents Chase Howard, Daniel Parker, Darrell Brown, Jason Belk, and Lewis Ekle assisted her in the process, including helping to remove spectators and clearing a path when emergency responders later arrived on the scene.

The woman was rushed to a hospital and placed under an induced coma with little to no brain activity. But she was able to wake up on her own within 24 hours and was eventually released from the hospital two weeks later.

City officials praised all of them, calling them heroes and crediting their quick actions for saving the young woman's life.

In an interview, Reyese said she was simply doing her job, the same as if she was on duty. She said she appreciated the city honoring them.

She also said it was nice to be able to learn an emergency had a happy ending, noting emergency responders often don't learn what happens to those they help after they reach the hospital.

The Leander Fire Department is encourage anyone over the age of 18 to go to their CERT basic training program to learn life-saving techniques. The next available courses can be found under the Leander Fire Department's webpage at https://www.leandertx.gov/fire/page/volunteer-opportunities.