Leander City Council

Leander Council to consider continuing public comments debate, board appointees and affordable housing project


The Leander City Council will consider continuing its debate on its new restrictions on public comments Thursday during the council meeting. 

The recently passed rules limit non-agenda item discussion to a maximum of 15 minutes, divided on a first-come, first-serve basis among the people that sign up, and reduces citizens comments time from 3 minutes a person to 2 minutes a person if more than 10 people sign up for the same agenda item.

Due to the council passing a flurry of amendments at the end of the meeting, there is still a significant number of unanswered questions on how the item will be implemented and how certain rules will work that is still unclear even to city staff. 

Council member Christine Sederquist, who requested the item be brought back, objected to several aspects of the rules but voted for it so she could request its reconsideration at this meeting, particularly with the outstanding questions on how it would be implemented.

Whether the council will discuss the agenda item at the meeting will depend on whether a majority of council members vote to continue the discussion. 

Other items

The council will also consider and potentially approve a number of candidates for the city's various boards and committees.

The council will also consider whether to reappoint Leander Mayor Troy Hill through the next year to the Citizens Action Advisory Committee, an ad hoc group established by the mayor to develop a citizen involvement program that insures the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all phases of the planning process.

The council will also consider a possible cooperation agreement between the City of Leander and the Texas Housing Foundation (THF), in order for the THF to acquire, finance, renovate, operate and mange the affordable housing development known as the Cedar Ridge Apartments located at 2702 S. Bagdad Road.

Lastly, the council will discuss and consider setting a speed limit for Hero Way West. The speed limit is currently set at 45 mph. The proposal being considered is a 50 mph speed limit zone begins approximately 3000 feet west of the intersection of Lakeline Boulevard and Hero Way West and extends to a location approximately 155 feet west of the intersection of Riverway Lane and Hero Way West. The proposal would also establish a 45 mph zone starting approximately 155 feet west of the intersection of Riverway Lane and Hero Way West and continues to the intersection of US 183 and Hero Way West.