Leander PD reveals the top collision sites


Each January, the Leander Police Department publishes the annual “Top 10 Collision Locations” list to let locals know where the department will be focusing their enforcement efforts. It also helps warn residents to use caution when travelling through these high-traffic areas. This year, the list accounted for nearly every major intersection.

“Drivers are typically driving too fast or running red lights at these intersections,” LPD’s Sergeant Ryan Doyle said. 

Accidents on the toll road are most likely to result in injury collisions. 

“People really need to pay attention better at these intersections,” Doyle said. “We project collisions to continue to go up with population.”

According to Doyle, most of the accidents from 2016 are minor fender benders that did not result in injury.

“They come from people pulling out of businesses without looking, failing to yield, things like that,” he said. “There are hundreds of small wrecks that could be prevented if people just weren’t distracted. A lot of the rear-end accidents are just from distracted drivers.”

The department is most concerned with the high-speed collisions.

“We’ve been targeting toll road speeds, red-light runners and we’ve been working with TxDOT to get additional signage,” Doyle said. 

Residents notice that there have been more accidents and close calls than ever before.

“I have almost been involved in a few wrecks at Crystal Falls Parkway and 183 with people still turning after the light is red,” Elizabeth Brown, five-year Leander resident, said. “Every year it gets worse.”

Doyle said that the delay between when one light turns red and the other turns green is something drivers are taking advantage of—and not in a good way.

“Drivers know there is a delay there, so they run the light,” he said. “It is supposed to be something in place to keep drivers safe.”

The department reminds the community that these sort of accidents are always preventable.

 “All collisions are avoidable,” Doyle said. “There is no such thing as an accident in this context. Someone’s not paying attention, they’re speeding and they can’t slow down or they’re trying to beat red lights.”

The Leander Police Department hopes to add more officers to the patrol unit in the near future as they only have two at the time.