Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor: 

After nine years, Rouse High School needs to be recognized for two basic needs. 

Signage: All Leander School District High Schools have signage on major freeways and on streets leading to the school. Rouse has no signage on the 183A freeway / toll road. And, there is no signage on Crystal Falls, as you turn on Country Road 271 / Raider Way.  

Roads - Country Road 271 / Raider Way: Other Leander School District High Schools have new roads build in front of the schools, many are four lane divided roads, with street curbs, turn lanes, sidewalks and even street lights.

Then you can take a ride to Rouse High School on County Road 271. The road is truly a country road. It has no divided lanes, just a two lane country road as it was before the school was built, with no curbs, no sidewalks, only ditches on both sides of the road, it has no turn lanes, and it is absolutely totally dark at night, no street lights.

The road is so narrow that it has no center stripe, buses traveling to and from the school have to drive off the shoulder of the road when passing each other, the same for most cars. Each side of the road has been patched and on each side of the road, the asphalt is broken off from vehicles driving off the edge of the road.

And who do we have driving on this country road? Well, it’s our inexperienced drivers, our 16 thru 18 year olds. Also, consider the school walkers with no sidewalks.

Two Schools side by side: The narrow road has to support two schools built side by side, the middle school and the high school. The traffic is horrible, especially in the morning, as the school traffic competes with commuters. And Crystal Falls, does not even have a right turn lane to the school, unbelievable. The school has the road frontage to accommodate an improved roadway.

The city, county and the school district must address this critical need.

John Felchak, Leander