LETTER: Vaccination opt-out rate concerning


Dear Editor,

I was shocked to recently see the state health department reported over one percent of school-aged children are attending Texas schools without all their required vaccines. Even worse, the rate of exemptions in Leander ISD — where my children attend school — is more  than three times the state average. Many of these exemptions are because parents are choosing not to vaccinate based on bad information. As a parent, this scares and angers me. 

Vaccines are life saving. I don’t want to be worried about whether my child’s school is going to be the next one to have an outbreak of measles or chickenpox. I’m not here to debate anyone’s ability to choose. However, with choices come consequences, and it seems like some people don’t want to assume that responsibility. 

With August being National Immunization Awareness Month, it’s reassuring to see that there is also data showing that most Texans support vaccine school requirements. The majority of us understand that vaccines work and agree that they should be required. This is a public health issue that is the responsibility of the whole community, and our laws ought to reflect that.

Jessica Cleary-Kemp