Local Texas Musician Brandon Rhyder is Back


It has been two years since the Texas music icon, Brandon Rhyder, released any new music. Dealing with health and personal issues, the artist struggled to find his voice, literally and figuratively through musical expression. Now, in full health and confidence, he has released his new single, “I Felt Good Today” a song that describes the emotions he has endured over the past year, and reflects on the feeling of positivity. Rhyder last released a self-titled album in 2017 that featured ten tracks. Now, after the long wait, fans can be expecting another album release soon that doubles that.

After being misdiagnosed with Lyme disease, Rhyder went to get another medical opinion and realized that he had certain food allergies that caused him to get very ill. During this time, Rhyder also lost his father in-law, who considered Rhyder “the son he never had”. Rhyder explains the emotions and thoughts that were resonating within him during that time.

“The reality of this, was it wasn't easy, it was hard to be inspired creatively,” Rhyder says, “But now after everything, I have stuff to write about, during that time I thought everything had all dried up, but it hasn’t. Now there is more stuff to tell.”

Rhyder expressed that even in the darkest times, doesn’t exactly mean the creative process comes easier. He explains that from both sides, either happiness or sadness, it's more about finding a groove in creating music.

“It amazes me, because every time I pick up an instrument, I learn something,” Rhyder says, “I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years now and I still learn something every time with just a few minutes with that instrument. A Lot of times I’ll find a groove, a riff, a signature lick, and I’ll build a song around that. The great thing about songwriting is that it's not necessarily wrong to do it one way or another.”

That why Rhyder loves the process so much, he believes that it unfolds a challenge, because in his view the adversity you have to deal with in making music beats the mundane grind of developing a song.

“Everybody has a different answer, I think it's what you're comfortable with, and what makes you feel good,” Rhyder says, “I am one of those guys that doesn’t want to get off that path, that's why all my albums sound different.”

Throughout his career, the grind has changed, from touring a rigorous schedule during his early years as well as maintaining a family life, Rhyder has gone through some mental hurdles. After releasing his last album, Rhyder mulled over the idea of walking away from the music. In his new single “I Felt Good Today” he explains in the first verse that on a cool afternoon in January, that he felt good after a long time of a physical and emotional rollercoaster, that feeling turned everything around for Rhyder. He now looks to hit the road again, along with creating new material.

Brandon Rhyder will be performing in Granger, Texas at the Cotton Country Club on Thursday, October 3rd. Along with his newly released single, he will also have an acoustic live record that will include some of his greatest hits along with his new material followed by his upcoming new album.