Local weighs in on Women’s March on Washington: Cedar Park resident protested in D.C.


We talked to a Cedar Park resident and nurse who gave up her Saturday to hit the D.C. streets for the Women’s March on Washington. Read our Q&A with Diane Villarreal to hear about her experience.

Why did you march?

I went to Washington because I needed to be part of a demonstration that showed our new government that women are not going to quietly sit out and be ignored. I am deeply concerned about the direction this new president is taking the country, his complete disregard for facts, science, common decency, law. 

Tell me what you experienced during the march.

 It was difficult to make a sign to carry because there are so many issues, how can you pick one, or fit them all on one piece of cardboard? The variety of signs marchers carried was awesome, supporting women’s reproductive rights, racial equality, concern about climate change, healthcare, immigration. It was a diverse group of people.

Did anything unexpected happen?

I believe the number of people was much greater than the organizers anticipated. The streets were so packed it was difficult to move around, but everyone was supportive of each other. I have been to demonstrations before but never something this big.

 Austin’s march had an attendance of more than 50,000. Were you surprised by this?

My daughter was not able to go with me, so she marched in Austin. When I saw her photos and heard about the crowd size in Austin I was surprised and so proud of my state! 

Do you plan on doing anything else to support the movement?

I will do what I can to resist this downward spiral by writing to my elected officials often, participating in future demonstrations and supporting organizations that work for human rights.