Longtime hearing aid business to move to Medical Parkway


After a decade in Cedar Park’s Rail Yard Shopping Center, Cook Hearing and Balance is relocating to Medical Parkway next month.

The business has served more than 5,000 patients since its opening. They offer hearing aids, hearing tests, balance testing and tinnitus therapy.

“We have outgrown our facility,” Lori Cook, owner of Cook Hearing and Balance, said. “People can’t find a place to park here anymore.”

According to Cook, most people wait seven to 10 years before they come to see her about their hearing loss. She attributes the wait to the stigma behind hearing aids.

“The hearing aid world has a bad reputation,” she said. “People associate it with a sign of aging.”

She said it is often family members who push her patients to come get help.

“Hearing loss affects the entire family,” Cook said. “A spouse, adult child or parent will come in and talk to us about this. 30 percent of my job is counseling the customer.”

It’s the little things that her customers appreciate when they get a hearing aid.

“They will say they forgot what birds sound like or that they haven’t heard their turn signal in a long time,” Cook said. “There’s nothing better than hearing them talk about these things.”

Before working as a territory manager for one of the major hearing aid manufacturers and as a business development manager for General Electric, Cook  was a licensed social worker. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Lori then earned her masters in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

“The number one thing my employees have to have is a caring heart,” Cook said. “The ability to help give people better hearing is a gift.”

Cook is looking forward to having a facility her staff can grow into. 

“We plan to become more involved with the community and to be a part of community programs with the county,” she said. 

As for the business’ success, Cook credits the customer service.

“We are not pushy, there isn’t a ton of pressure and we really care about all of the customers,” she said. 

Cook Hearing and Balance’s new location will be 1603 Medical Parkway, Suite 200.