Lower speed limit for charter school? Parents and teachers ask for Cedar Park Charter Academy to be school zone


The Cedar Park City Council held a public hearing on enforcing a 20-mile-per-hour school zone in front of the Cedar Park Charter Academy during their Oct. 13


Although no one spoke during this item’s public hearing, several parents and teachers from the charter school requested the reduced speed limit, a crosswalk and signs during an August meeting. 

“Our school is located at the intersection of Buttercup Creek and 183,” Melanie Kriewaldt, a ninth and tenth grade teacher at the charter school, said. “There is a sharp curve at our driveway, kind of a blind curve. There is a lot of activity there and we are worried there is going to be an unfortunate accident.”

She wasn’t the only troubled speaker. Several parents showed up to make the council aware of the safety risks.  

“I’m a father of two children that attend Cedar Park Charter Academy,” Mike Uriano said. “I  think we’re all here with the concern of a school zone needed on Buttercup Creek Boulevard. There’s a site distance issue on the curb immediately west of Buttercup.”


“As a mom I have the same concerns for all the children at the school,” Laura Manley said. “We have children pre-K, kindergarten and all the way up that we don’t want crossing at 183.”

Parents and staff all agreed that measures need to be taken soon. 

“We’d like a crosswalk, flashing lights and a 20-mile-per-hour school zone,” Kriewaldt

Cedar Park Charter Academy, which opened in January of this year, is a tuition-free public school. Some members of the council admitted that they were not aware that the school had opened yet. 

“Our charter school is a public school,” Kriewaldt said. “There is a lot of misconception on that. We do not charge tuition. Many of the residents of our school live in Cedar Park so we are serving your city.”

During a September city council meeting, the city’s senior engineering associate, Tom Gdala, said his staff suggested creating the school zone and requiring signs on Buttercup Creek Boulevard. 

This ordinance will receive a second reading during the Oct. 27 city council meeting. Signage for the entire school zone will cost about