Make room for increase


Happy New Year! We declare this year will be the year of breakthrough! Making room is necessary for increase and expansion in our lives. The Bible tells us in II Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

Many times, our lives become cluttered. Not only with appointments and busy schedules but also fear, doubt, failures, rejections, hurt, loss, should of, could of, and reality. God wants to deposit newness. However, there is no room.

As the Christmas season has come to a close, it’s is easy to recall part of the Christmas story where there was no room for Jesus in the inn. If everyone who said no, only knew they were turning away the dream maker, promise keeper, savior of the world, would they have possibly made space? Likely. Many times, we feel at full capacity but would we make room if we knew; guaranteed increase was around the corner?

Jesus is the promise man. As we begin 2019, have you started making room for the new things God has for you? Often, we set limitations that leave us living below your dreams.

It is time to break past limitations. It is imperative you make room in your heart and mind for the newness God has in store for you. You can rehearse the past, wish you would have done things different, you can live in fear, have doubt, harbor bitterness but that is not what God has for you.

Your life’s story is still being written. Every chapter we have different experiences, and 2019 is a new chapter for you. How will your story be written? Make room for greatness. This can be one of the greatest years of your life. Make room in your heart and mind. There may be some things you need to stop doing and some things you need to continue. Take some time to quiet your spirit and mind. Revaluate your life. Ask yourself, am I doing what the Lord has called me to do? Am I living at my full potential, or are there rooms that are full of hurt, disappointments, discouragement and successes of the past?

The Bible tells us in Luke 5, Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat near the beach, so he could speak to the crowd from a short distance in the water. When He finished speaking, He told Peter and James to launch out in the deep and let down their nets for a catch. The Bible tells us Peter replied and said, “Master we have toiled all night and have caught nothing; never the less at your word we will let down our net.”

Back in those times when you finished fishing, you had to repair the nets because pottery, and rocks had cut some of the nets and you wanted them cleaned and prepared for the next day. You can also imagine how frustrating it must have been to pull in after a long day and be directed to go back out, that certainly your metrics would be met and you really had limited success the majority of the work day in the same exact place. Peter was so exhausted from the night before, he questioned Jesus and only took one net when Jesus said take your nets.

What areas do you need to launch back into? The Bible tells us his net began to break. He had to call partners to sail out and let down their nets. The increase was incredible.

Decide today, to make room for increase. Determine what needs to go or be picked up later. Stop complaining and wondering. God wants to send increase into your life. Make room! 2019 is the year of breakthrough. It is your time!

You are loved, appreciated, respected, an over comer, victorious, highly favored, full of His wisdom, making room for increase, and winning in 2019!