Making a statement: Local high school student creates wearable art


Gracyn McGathy, an incoming Cedar Park High School junior, is combining fashion and paint to bring a unique aesthetic into the fashion world. As the head of her own clothing line, Gallaway Girl Designs, McGathy is revolutionizing artistic expression through fashion. 

“I’ve seen so many cool businesses everyone thinks of like Prada and I’m doing that in my own way,” McGathy said. “It’s just a lot of fun doing what I love.”

McGathy said the idea came from a general art class she took in her sophomore year of high school, where she learned how to draw, sculpt and paint. The concept took off thanks to support from friends and family.

“I decided to launch my line after so much support from friends and family,” said McGathy. “They all told me that my art and creativity would get me a long way in life. That sort of planted a seed in my mind, which was that I could be offering something to the world that helps others. When I first officially started the business, it took around a week for me to start getting orders. But once I started getting them, i haven't stopped. So the customers have definitely expressed their support.”

In order to give her line a look she describes as “vintage and chic,” McGathy stops at retail and thrift stores for her clothing, purchases acrylic paints, mixes the paints with fabric medium to create traction for the colors to adhere and gets to painting.

The line, although just a month old, is resonating deeply with her consumers as McGathy has sold to over 40 customers across America in her first few weeks of operation, including Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and South Dakota.

“The message I want to convey is that art can take many shapes, as well as fashion,” McGathy explained. “There doesn't have to be one cookie cutter image for it. I believe that art is also something that is meant to be wearable, not framed, and I want my customers to realize that too.”

McGathy hopes to grow her business from a creative outlet funded by a personal job to a large-scale operation that positively impacts a wide audience.

“Painting on clothes has become therapeutic to me. It's where I usually feel my happiest, and I love knowing that a future customer gets to feel good in something that I’m creating,” she said. “I am definitely open to working with retailers, but that definitely isn't on my radar for now. And as for anybody reaching out, it hasn't happened yet for reasons I totally understand. But the hope is that one day it will!”

McGathy is setting her sights on attending a study abroad program in Paris in the future. 

“Paris is notorious for being a city filled with artistic opportunities, and it would be a great place to grow as an artist,” she added. “I've been researching colleges that have these study abroad programs. 

To view McGathy’s work or to contact her, visit https://gallawaygirl.wixsite.com/gray or  https://www.instagram.com/gallawaygirldesigns/