Management Corner: Take time to listen


‘A big-time change is coming.” This statement could be taken in a number of ways. Here are two.

1) In a few days, we will recognize and celebrate the new year. As we move from one year to the next year, we sense time changing in reference to years of time, which is different than the change between a second, hour or day.

2) Later in January, there will be a change of president of the United States. No doubt there will be many big changes.

No matter if it is the change of year or president, this time – or any specific time – is a time to listen with care, concern and love. Our ears are sensitive and hear what is going on around us. Yet hearing alone may not mean we are listening. I encourage you to listen carefully during these times.


What is your time orientation? Is it the past times? Is it the future times? Or is it the time of now? In the now, there can be a present moment when time may feel like it is standing still, but only for a brief second. If you haven’t read the book “The Power of Now” by Eric Tolle, check it out. The book can change your relationship to time and all of your relationships. Another orientation to time can be that we exist in the timelessness of eternity right now. Such an orientation gives us all the time in the world – forever. That is a gift we can freely choose. It is a gift that can drastically change how we live and work.


To listen is to be very intentional with our hearing. The intention can be as shallow as hearing words only or as deep as a connection with our heart, soul and our very being. Listening is a matter of orientation also. What is your orientation regarding listening? The person speaking? Your own thoughts? An open mind and heart?

This time of year, we typically hear bells ringing and songs being sung to remember and celebrate times past, present and future. What do you hear? Do you hear what I hear? Now and always, there is much to be heard wherever we are. There are times when we don’t want to hear. In our home, we usually mute the commercials. At work, listening to customers is critical. In our community and world, it is important to listen carefully to those words and sounds we sometimes miss or ignore. There are expressions of need, cries of pain and shouts of joy, too. Listen carefully with readiness to respond and serve.

In relationships

All interactions and relationships are opportunities filled with potential. Give the gifts of time and listening as appropriate and needed all year long.

Happy holidays! Thank you for being a reader.

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