Merry Christmas


Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

– Calvin Coolidge

It is so easy to become embroiled in our human conflicts, both subtle and tragically violent, and live with our guard up and our hearts hardened. Whether it is our silly but overwhelming conflict with a neighbor, or a momentary irritation with a stranger in a crowded store, we can let these things dictate our mood and how we approach people and life.

There’s no better time than Christmas to remember how trivial our conflicts and irritations are in the big picture of our humanity and all the good we should see in life.

Are we going to be about anger and selfishness, or are we going to grab hold tightly to the spirit of this glorious occasion and put love, charity, goodwill and

peace first?

Take the first step in embracing that neighbor with no notions of “solving the problem” or angling for an apology. Smile at that stranger in the store and say “excuse me,” letting them go first. Then ask yourself, “is this worth sacrificing a moment of goodwill and happiness?”

It’s never worth it if we can get past our initial human reaction. Find peace, find happiness and never let it be stolen from you, especially by your own negativity.

Watch the smiles on others’ faces as you give – of yourself as well as your gifts – and see what peace you can create in your small part of the world. We can’t create peace for everyone overnight, but if we all begin with our corner of life, we can make a big difference together.

The staff at the Hill Country News wishes everyone a safe, peaceful, happy Christmas, free of stress and the trappings of negativity that stalk us all each day. 

Merry Christmas.