Nate Hatter recovers from injury to lead Glenn in first UIL season

The senior went from defensive end at Rouse to linebacker at Glenn and will now start at tight end


In the second game of the season last year, Glenn's Nate Hatter went down with an injury.

He fought his way back to play in the final game, but by that point, the decision had already been made to switch his position for the third time in his high school career.

As the Grizzlies football program prepares for its inaugural UIL-sanctioned district season, Hatter has been learning how to play tight end after spending his freshman year at Rouse as a defensive end and the last two years at Glenn at linebacker.

"It went from a less skill intensive position to progressively more intensive," Hatter said. "I wasn't a huge athlete when I was introduced to football in middle school and I grew in it and now I'm at a point where I can compete as a tight end. I'll play wherever coach wants me."

In the Lockport game last year, hi patella came out of place, taking a piece of bone with it, which extended his recovery time.

The game Hatter was injured in, the Grizzlies won 37-21. They also won the game in which he returned, 59-18 against Austin Lanier, and Hatter caught one pass in a preview of what's to come this season.

"Doing my time off the field, I was extremely driven," Hatter said. "When I'm kept out of something I enjoy and excel at, I put in a ton of work to catch up and to get above my competitors. I hated every minute of being away, but I see the progression I made."

Glenn head coach Rob Schoenfeld said the senior has the potential to be an impact player for the Grizzlies. Even if the tight end position is becoming less common in the modern version of high school football, it's good to have a player like Hatter with his attitude and ability on the team.

The Grizzlies have high hopes in their first full season, and Hatter is no different.

"It feels different this season," Nate Hatter said. "The last two season have been in preparation for now. Last year we knew we didn't have a chance for playoffs, but this is what we've been working for and we've been promised of this chance to make the playoffs. It's super exciting."

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