Neighbors rally to support couple who lost their house in a fire


Tom and Stacey Jeannett were on their way to friend's wedding when they received a call that their home was on fire.   

The Cedar Park Fire Department arrived in six minutes, long before the Jeannetts, but the house was a total loss.

What happened next reaffirmed the Jeannetts' strong faith, as more than 200 neighbors, friends and church members arrived to aid the now homeless couple. 

"To have such amazing neighbors, church friends and loved ones is a blessing," said homeowner Tom Jeannett. "We had people here helping until midnight the night of the fire."

The devastating fire struck the Jeannett's home at 2214 London Lane in the Park Forest subdivision off of Anderson Mill Rd. on Saturday, June 10. 

"We emailed, called and texted people and by noon. The next day more than 200 people showed up at Anderson Mill West Park to support Tom and Stacey," said neighbor Christina Gilsbach.  "It was amazing."

The community came together in droves to support the Jeannetts.

"There were so many people who came to help, a lot of them did not even know the Jeannetts," said Karen Woods, another neighbor. "We had a cookout and everybody pitched in. That day our neighborhood got a lot smaller. It was incredible." 

Donations at the cookout totaled more than $15,000 and thousands more were raised online to help the Jeannetts recover from the fire, which started in an outdoor trash can and raced up the side of their home, destroying the house and most of its contents. 

"It is a sleepy little community with no through streets," said Tom Jeannett. "We have been overwhelmed by the response of the neighborhood. We are without a home right now, but we are not victims. We are blessed by the love, support and generosity that has resulted from this."

Christina Gilsbach, neighbor of the Jeannetts said everybody wanted to be there and help

"They are amazing people, and really nice,” she said. “They always have a smile for you."

Editor's note: A previous version of this article had the Cedar Park Fire Department response time to the Jeannett house as 15 minutes. After verifying with the City of Cedar Park spokesperson, we updated the correct response time to six minutes.