OBITUARY: Luca Nathaniel De Marco


Luca Nathaniel De Marco left this world all too soon on April 3, 2019. He was 23 years old.

He was a most beloved son and brother that even in his darkest days brought joy and laughter to his family. He loved life and he loved people. Luca did not know a stranger. He worked hard, cherished his family, and cherished his friends. His many worldly accomplishments in his short but well-lived life include going to UT Austin business school, working three jobs and taking ACC classes with a 4.0 grade average to get there, being involved in campus ministries, and being involved in church.

His many spiritual accomplishments include loving everyone regardless of race, background, or social status, providing laughter and joy to those around him, loving and coaching kids, defining love to his then single mom, adoring his two brothers and baby sister, and fighting his fight for as long as he could to be close to his family.

Near the end Luca lived two lives as many with mental illness do. He lived one life of hope with a dream to return to UT and graduate, marry a woman he loved, and have babies, and serve God. He also lived a second reality with a brain that went against those dreams and made him struggle daily.

He no longer struggles but is now with his Creator and Lord whom he cherished more than anything. He will forever be remembered for the joy and laughter he brought to all who knew him. May he finally rest and live his “enlightened” life in peace.