One birth changed everything


There was one birth that shook the world and split time in half.  There was one birth that overcame death as He breathed life. There was one birth who received gifts fit for a King; gold, frankincense and myrrh. There was one birth with the power of Heaven residing on the inside that would one day release salvation, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption. One birth changed history forever.

There was only one birth conceived by the Holy Spirit, birthed from a virgin, rejected by man, challenged as an infant and toddler unto death by a King and yet, God had a plan.  The one birth that changed everything was the birth of Jesus.

Heaven kissed earth with the life of one birth. The promise inside of you can push past the pain in front of you to reach your full potential around you. You may feel inadequate and dejected by man, but God has authored good success for your life.  When Jesus’ mother Mary, rode into Bethlehem in her last trimester, ready to give birth, she was told, there was no room for their small family in the inn. This was their greatest time of need.  Mary acted in obedience to God yet encountered obstacles to fulfilling purpose.  Nevertheless, she was not sidetracked and in the midst of disparities, almost ready to go into labor, a solution was provided. May time and favor be on your side. May the seeds on the inside of you birth new opportunities and new relationships.  What seemed like the wrong time and place, was the right time and the right place. You see Isaiah prophesied His birth. While Micah prophesied the place where He would be born and the Gospels recorded it. With you, I prophesy your birth, and may the future record it! 

Christmas is a time of year where the focus is on gifts. Our greatest gift came in the form of a birth and just as the Holy Spirit nourished the gift inside of Mary, the gift inside of you has not been fully released.  Do not allow preconceived ideas to prevent you from birthing what God predesigned for you. Greater is ahead.  

Jesus’ birth changed the course of history. What you have on the inside of you will change the future. Release the gift of your purpose so your full potential can be revealed. Your past is not an indicator of your future. One birth changed the world. That was the birth of Jesus. Nothing is too difficult for Him to handle, understand, work through, bring resolution for, and or provide. He is the one person you can count on. Jesus is the rock that stands firm when everything else seems to fall a part. Jesus is the one who can take the wheel because the pressure from life can wear you down. It started with one seed, into one birth into the greatest miracle Heaven and Earth have ever experienced. What seed has the Master planted in you that will change your world forever?  He came, He lived, He died, He rose, and is coming back again. One birth changed everything. From our family to yours Merry Christmas!


Pastor Mark Brown


Faith City Church