Overlooked, but not forgotten


There was a man in the Bible named David. He was the youngest of eight brothers. He was known for his love for worship and described as a handsome fellow.

David was a shepherd boy. As such, he was often overlooked. What many people miss as they research his background is one day a lion and a bear came to attack his sheep. He eliminated the threats. He took out the lion and the bear. A good shepherd is not afraid to defend, protect and provide for what he has charge over.

Many times, there is not an audience to witness the experiences we encounter in life. They do not see the victories and strategies executed. You may feel overlooked and forgotten. Hold on, because your next level is on the way.

As you continue to learn about David in the scriptures, the Bible also incorporates a man by the name of Samuel who was a prophet. The Lord directed Samuel to identify and anoint the next King of Israel. When Samuel arrived at Jesse’s house, the father of David, explained why he was there, all seven brothers passed before Samuel and one by one the Lord said I have not chosen them.

Samuel asked Jesse if he has another other son. Jesse explained he did and he was out tending to a few sheep. Samuel the prophet said, “we will not sit until he comes.” The moment David came, the Bible tells us the Lord said, and “he is the one.”

As you do your day to day work you may feel you are doing everything you are supposed to and wonder why you’ve been overlooked. The Lord wants to remind you today, you have not been forgotten. Consider this: Consider you have been in a preservation mode pending release.

The Lord preserved David. Maybe you are not where you thought you would be in life by this point. God has not forgotten you. Possibly you think a promotion has taken too long. You are not forgotten. God is bringing a Samuel moment for you. Your destiny is already set in stone. That day changed David’s life forever. In fact, from that point on, God used David to deliver Israel. Delivering Israel was a significant, moment in history.

The Bible tells us the anointed rested upon David. No matter where he went there was a drawing anointing. What or who has looked over you? Instead of becoming bitter, know you are not forgotten. The Bible tells us in Genesis 8, “and God remembered Noah.” God remembered the promise he gave Noah. Noah may have thought here he is on a boat with live animals and is this the way it’s going to be the rest of his life. No, it was a moment in time. God used Noah to restore, replant, and redeem life on earth.

God’s plan for your life is great. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life story. It is never too late to begin again, live again and dream again. God designed you to make an impact, to influence the world around you and inspire those you are connected to. Greatness is in your future. Your best life is around the corner. Decide today to follow Christ into your destiny. His written word is our road map. The amalgamation of our life experiences — God will work everything for your good.

You are loved, accepted, appreciated, highly favored, over comer, victorious, winning, full of the Lord’s wisdom, and reaching your destiny!