Proposed kennel withdraws building application

Following an opposing petition, Pet Paradise seeks new site


Officials for Pet Paradise, a luxury dog kennel planned for east Whitestone Blvd., have withdrawn their application for a special use permit following an opposition petition from neighboring landowners. 

All four of the surrounding landowners and many nearby homeowners signed a petition to the Cedar Park City Council against approving a special use permit for boarding kennels to the planned Pet Paradise site at 2200 E. Whitestone Blvd.

The group of community members who signed the petition expressed concerns about continuous, loud dog barking from the kennel’s outdoor play areas and the amount of dogs that could be staying at the kennel. 

According to Texas Local Government Code, if a proposed change to a regulation or boundary is protested in accordance with the subsection, a supermajority vote by the local governing body — in this case City Council — has to take effect, or at least a 6-1 vote. The protest requires a petition with a verified 20 percent of neighboring land owners to qualify. 

The city notified the Pet Paradise officials of this rule, and they then withdrew their application on Aug. 1. They are now considering other potential sites they hope to present at a later date, said Brian Franco, vice president of real estate for Pet Paradise.

One of the main sources for noise concern included a nearby creek in the region that homeowners claimed is an acoustic amplifier for noise. Russell Patronella, whose home and private property is about 100 feet south from the planned Pet Paradise site, was a main voice of opposition in the process. 

“Me and my neighbors are relieved,” he said. “The protest was approximately a four week process. I gathered more information about city government in that time frame than in my entire adult life.”

Patronella said he thought Cedar Park Mayor Matt Powell and Mayor Pro Tem Kristyne Bollier fully understood the petitioners’ concerns. 

“They both gave an unbiased assessment of the situation,” he said. “Mayor Powell and Mayor Pro Tem Kristyne Bollier’s responses to my emails was immediate. Mayor Powell while on vacation corresponded with me frequently and addressed my concerns.”