Release the measuring tape?


In life, it can become easy to compare where you are to where others might be. We might not notice the comparison at first or you may talk yourself out of it. However, when continued, those patterns of comparison lead to a destructive and unproductive life style.   


In the bible there was a Prophet named Zechariah. The bible tells us in the book of Zechariah chapter two verse one, he saw a man in a vision with a measuring tape. He was measuring Jerusalem, but another angel came and said, “Soon you will not be able to measure the city because of all its growth.” Another words, he was saying release the measuring tape. You have to stop measuring and comparing yourself in unhealthy ways. Sometimes we limit ourselves because we want to please someone or we want what he or she has. When we compare, we are limiting God in our lives. We are saying, God what you have for me is not greater than what I have for me. Instead of continually measuring your life by others, stop and start measuring your life to the Word of God. The bible tells us He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, far above what we can ask or think.  We experience our destiny only when we release the measuring tape. 


Don’t starve your future; starve your past by releasing the measuring tape and step into what God has for you. God was showing Zechariah not to limit Him. In fact, there are over 5000 promises in the Word of God. The phrase, “Do not fear,” is written 365 times in the Word of God. God is saying release the measuring tape. You have more than you can imagine with God. We sometimes limit God due our experiences or because of what others close to us have been through. That is the enemy’s attempt to keep you from releasing the measuring tape and taking hold of all that God has for you. You see fear has torment.


If you have experienced failure, rejection, or maybe you have experienced success, but it seems like more has not arrived - if we refuse to release the measuring tape we will never experience all that God has for us.  When we do not release the measuring tape, our thoughts become stagnated. We start thinking of scenarios that causes us to compare and we begin to settle for what others want, not what God has already prepared for us. Stop thinking I am going to be fired; I am never going to get the promotion. I will never see the dream come to pass. Stop and release the measuring tape. Start declaring I am being promoted, increase is coming my way, and I am experiencing the dream and enjoying it as well.  When the Lord came to Jacob in a vision, He told him the ground you are sleeping on belongs to you. Jacob had to release the measuring tape to acquire what the Lord had said belonged to him. When the Lord puts it in our heat that something belongs to us, we have to take the measuring tape off and pursue it so that we will be able to acquire it.

In the book of Hosea chapter four verse number one in the first part it says, “Hear the Word of the Lord."  You have to tell your situation hear the Word of the Lord. When you feel you have done all you can, remember the Lord is right there beside you telling you to release the measuring tape. Don’t compare your life to others, instead compare it to the Word of God that says He will do more than you expect. The moment you release the measuring tape in your life is the moment you will begin to experience the promotions, progress, peace, and increase in your life. You are loved, respected, full of His wisdom, an over-comer, victorious, healed, whole, highly favored, and reaching your full potential.  Release the Measuring Tape!