ROUNDTABLE: God answers souls' needs


Looking back over the past few years, I hear many people asking, “How can I get……?”, or, “Why can’t I make this or that happen?” Behind that question is the implied belief that “Since I am a Christian or a spiritual person, these things should happen to me or for me.”

However, I also notice that people asking these questions spend a lot of time trying to make things happen on their own.

Here is how I try to answer these questions:

God is actually working all the time to enhance our lives, give us what we want or need and help us grow. In the truth of this is the concomitant truth that WE NEED DO NOTHING. When we ask God or our Higher Selves for something, we can be sure of Jesus words: “Ask and it shall be given.”

We make a mistake when we ask for something and then we think that the answer should match our expectation.

God’s answer is always based on what is best for our Souls.

When we ask and then start out on a path for where WE think our answer lies, we are looking to the future. When we despair that God has not answered our prayers, we are looking in the past.

But we are all eternal souls and our being can be stated as follows: “I am a tiny part of God and God is all of me.” We cannot experience this truth in the past or the future, but only in the Present, which is where God can always be found.

But God’s answers are His answers. Remembering Jesus words: “Thy Will, not mine be done.” is actually a statement of fact.

The one thing I continually learn is that when I stay in the Present, and look for God in the Present, God answers my prayers in mysterious ways that are always consistent with what I know my soul needs. And to my great surprise, God’s answers are more profound and complete than anything I could have created myself.

Perhaps you may recognize some of your own experience and truth in this.

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