Faith Roundtable: Chuck Robison on Easter


This promises to be a powerful weekend. The full moon and Passover on the 20th, the arrival of special energies that attend the usual Easter weekend, the political turmoil that continues in our world and the long, sad, demise of our national religious institutions and many other factors indicate that this is going to be some kind of global turning point.

Jesus, on this weekend a long, long time ago joined the handful of world citizens whose life and death made a permanent mark on our lives. You and I are fully free to believe whatever we wish about this anniversary.

However, what you cannot do is ignore this moment. We are surrounded by angels, saints, spiritual guests from other galaxies and Jesus Himself who gather now to renew our lives, our spirits, and our awareness of our own spiritual power.

None of us need to be preached at about this. We need only to stop, look around and feel the energy of this moment. God is always present, no farther away that the ‘spaces’ between the cells of our bodies. This weekend is all about that and something more.

Humanity’s long march toward reaching the goal of our spiritual evolution is being given a huge boost this weekend. Simply by being open and observant and willing to be touched by God, each of us will follow our soul’s lead in this universal drama in which we come closer to God who has never been apart from us.